EMS Contract Negotiations 

Negotiations for EMS contracts involve discussing and compromising on terms and conditions to reach a final, approved contract that is acceptable to all parties. Beginning with the end in mind, EndPoint EMS Consulting will help you manage the contracting process to arrive at an agreement within the time parameters allowed.  Successful negotiations include:

  • Breaking the negotiation into parts 
  • Prioritizing each component 
  • Finding Common Ground 
  • Use facts not feelings 
  • Occasionally meet halfway 
  • Question rather than demand 
  • Don’t win on price and lose on service 
  • End on a positive note 
  • Manage with metrics and hold providers accountable for meeting goals 

The principals at EndPoint EMS Consulting have been on both sides of EMS contracts.  We have lived with great contracts and poor contracts; we know the difference.  We also recognize there are multiple stakeholders in service agreements, and we are capable and available to guide you through an often-complex process to a successful conclusion.