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Nancy Lapolla, MPH EndPoint EMS Consulting, LLC

Nancy Lapolla, MPH

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Nancy Lapolla has over 30 years of proven leadership and experience as director of the Emergency Medical Services Agency for two California Counties; Santa Barbara and San Mateo. As Director she provided oversight to public safety emergency medical dispatch communication centers, fire departments, and ambulance providers, and hospitals providing specialized care. She managed health and medical disaster and emergency preparedness programs and coordinated the health and medical response during northern and southern California fires, response to H1N1 Influenza, and activated the medical and health branch in many emergency operations centers over her career. Nancy brings people together to solve complex problems and builds sustainable lasting systems of care.

Lapolla earned her bachelor of science degree in community health education and a master's degree in public health from California State University, Northridge.

Nancy has served on numerous statewide committees and task forces including president of the Emergency Medical Services Administratorsʼ Association of California (EMSAAC), chair of disaster response subcommittee, chair of the Southwest Regional Trauma Coordinating Committee. Nancy was critical in the development of the State Health and Medical Emergency Operations Manual, and the Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator Manual. These documents allow health departments, hospitals, medical professionals, skilled nursing facilities, and other groups to provide a coordinated response during a major emergency.

In 2017, Lapolla was recognized as Californiaʼs EMS Administrator of the year and received San Mateo County EMS Peer Recognition “Lifetime Achievement Award”. Nancy has been recognized by the California Department of Public Health and California EMS Authority for her Outstanding Leadership and Regional Collaboration.

John H Eaglesham Jr EndPointEMS Consulting, LLC

John H. Eaglesham, EMT-P

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John Eaglesham started his career in EMS working for a volunteer ambulance service and as an EKG Technician in a local hospital while attending college. Bitten by the EMS bug, John attended Daniel Freeman Hospital School for Paramedics in the late ’70s and began his professional career as a paramedic.

John grew with his ambulance company ultimately becoming Regional Director managing several large county ambulance operations.

During his 27 years in the industry, John became an active member of the California Ambulance Association (CAA) serving as Chair of many committees. He was instrumental in the development of the Ambulance Strike Team Leader program initiated by the CAA to coordinate ambulance response to multi-casualty incidents and disasters. John was elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors for three terms.

In 2005 John joined the Santa Barbara County EMS Agency and formed the all-volunteer Medical Reserve Corps who later demonstrated their value in supporting local emergency services in disaster response.

California has seen its share of emergencies; fires, floods, civil. John has been on the forefront from both the service provider side managing response and resources and from County Medical & Health Branch in the Emergency Operations Center coordinating response and recovery.

In 2014 John was appointed Director of the EMS Agency. One of his immediate duties, in response to infectious disease concerns, John developed an EMS Ebola response and transportation plan to educate first responders and prepare ambulance services for the transport of infectious disease patients to the appropriate facility.

EndPoint EMS Consulting

John and Nancy established EndPoint EMS Consulting LLC in August 2018 and together with a few highly capable colleagues EndPoint EMS Consulting is ready to assist organizations, Cities or Counties in need of support.

By understanding your desired result, EndPoint EMS Consulting will help you bring your project vision to reality

Consulting Services, EMS 911 Ambulance agreements, EMS system design, strategic plans, medical/health emergency preparedness, medical transportation plans.

Understanding Your Goal

We can help you with EMS planning, policy development, emergency & non-emergency ambulance transportation, ALS and BLS request for proposal (RFP), Public Health & Medical emergency preparedness, training & exercises, strategic planning and EMS Project Management.

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Get Where You Need To Go

EndPoint EMS Consulting, LLC is a company with over 50 years combined experience in providing services to local governments. EndPoint EMS specializes in community health and emergency medical service needs assessments. We deliver value to our customers in the form of quality recommendations and key strategies that work to meet your specific goals. With the end in mind, we conduct a detailed analysis listening carefully to understand the client needs and expectations. Information gathered becomes the foundation to developing solutions that meets our customer’s needs.  

Our specialty is:

  • Emergency Medical Services System Design
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Ambulance RFP Procurement
  • Public Health and Medical Emergency Preparedness Activities
  • Develop Operational Plans, Policies and Procedures
  • Training and Education
  • Real-time Coaching
  • Navigating Politically Sensitive Situations